Who we are

Team Members


Anton Doychev

Founder & Director
All things hardware. Chief inventor and designer at Oerad. Main interests include radar systems and high fidelity sound systems. Will bring any hardware idea to prototype in a matter of days.

Vanya Valkova

Director of Technology
All things software. Interested in signal processing, cutting-edge tech, a bit of physics and a bit of brand management. No task is too ambitious to take up. Happy to discuss your feature requests.

Alexandra Mihaylova

Sales Manager
Lawyer by education, a great people person. Interested in brand management, languages and the high-tech industry. Want to get in touch? Talk to her in English, Spanish, French, Bulgarian or Dutch!

Nikolay Raev

Hardware Manager
Material expert who specializes in producing designs that endure. From the whiteboard to AutoCAD to the production lines, Nikolay ensures the structural integrity of everything produced at Oerad.

Why Choose Us



Cutting Edge

  • We're a small team of highly motivated experts in the fields of electronics, hardware and software.
  • Your feedback is quickly integrated into our production processes to help improve our services.
  • The needs of the industrial, academic & hobbyist communities are our priorities.