The new concrete inspection tool in town – find rebars, wires, pipes and cracks in walls, ceilings and floors.

Wide range of UWB tools

Specialized tools to uncover hidden structures in a range of depths, media and focal points. Customization and tailored devices to best meet your needs.

Empowering Research

Special offers for researchers and our academic clients who wish to train the next generation of geophysicists and environmental engineers.


An ever-growing application list of radar tech

Portability at its core

The Oerad app is designed to run on any Android device reducing the cost of control units and focusing on mobility.

Surveying made easy

Learn the tools of the trade. Understand the technology behind radio determination.


Oerad Tech Ltd strives to provide affordable radar solutions -
for your business, research & hobby.

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Versatile & RobustSturdy, waterproof & low power consupmtion - ready for the extreme.

Transmitter & ReceiverHigh quality PCB designs with latest generation SMD components all under one hood.

Noise-Reduction TechnologyPCBs with low-noise topologies minimising the routes of high frequency signals.

High PerformanceReal time signal visualization and filtering by continuously upgraded hardware & software.

Lowest price on the market.

High performance on a low budget
Concretto Full System


Part of your construction team

An indispensable tool for every construction team. The perfect tool for localizing rebars and wiring. Reliable in concrete inspections for cracks, cavities, etc. A must have.

  • 2000 MHz Central Frequency
  • 0.7 m Max Depth in Concrete
  • 7ns / 14 ns Time Windows
  • 0.001 m Minimal Object Detection Resolution
  • 15/20/10 cm Size
  • Rebar mapping Best At
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Scudo Full System


The professional's right hand

Excellence in object detection resolution and material penetrability. Easily mounted on carts, trolleys and other machines. Your partner in utilities mapping, road inspections, archaeological and geophysical research. Suitable for exotic applications such as mine detection, forensic investigations, cavity discovery.

  • 500 MHz Central Frequency
  • 9 mMax Depth in Rock
  • 50 ns / 100 ns Time windows
  • 0.01 m Minimal object Detection Resolution
  • 38/35/15 cm Size
  • Underground utility detection Best At
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Dipolo Full System


Every explorer's tool

Resilience at its finest, made for the big rough outdoors. Your best helper in unearthing history, measuring ice thickness, finding air pockets in bedrock, investigating underground geophysical layers. Dipolo is lightweight and easy to carry everywhere you go.

  • 100 MHz / 300 MHz / 500 MHz Central Frequency
  • 9 m Max Depth in Rock
  • 75 ns / 150 ns Time Windows
  • 0.3 m Minimal Object Detection Resolution
  • 75/110/(78|35|25) cm Size
  • Archaelogical exploration Best At
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